Congratulations to all the winners!

Individual Nordic Champion 2017
Wilma Steen and Kopparhults Poker


2.Winner Cathrine Tveten and Vassruggens Åge Mjødvitner
3.Winner Claus Kristensen and Gleen Mhor’s Niko
4.Winner Petri Tuominen and Weljesten Joker Au



We are proud to welcome you all to the Nordic Championship for Goldens 2017.

The competition will take place around beautiful Åstjern, 1.5 hours north of Oslo.

Please remember to check regulations for bringing dogs into Norway. Go to / in English for updated information. All dogs must be treated for Echinococcus multilocularis (revens dvegbendelorm) except dogs coming directly from Finland. Dogs traveling from Finland and Denmark must also have a valid vaccination against rabies.

PM for Nordic Championship for Goldens 2017

1700 Registration and get-together

Nordic Championship Team competition, IWT rules, 3 dogs per team. Each country selects its own teams. Maximum 4 teams per country.
The results will be revealed at dinner Saturday evening.

0830 Registration
0930 Opening ceremony
1000 Test start
ca 1300 Lunch
ca 1345 Test continues
1900 Dinner and prize-giving

Official individual B-test for all classes (goldens only).
The Individual Nordic Champion will be one of the contestants from the elite class who also participated in Saturdays Championship.

0700 Registration
0730 Parole
0800 Test start
ca 1200 Lunch
ca 1245 Test continues
Short break after the ordinary test
The Finale
Prize-giving all classes